Bathtub Resurfacing Brampton

Our WorkThis year at Dr Tubs Reglazing!

  • An original resurfaced metal tub
  • A fully resurfaced claw foot tub
  • A stripped and refinished metal bathtub
  • An original reglazed cast iron bathtub
  • A stripped and reglazed cast iron bathtub
  • Reglazed 3 wall metal tub
  • A stripped and reglazed blue metal tub


Are you planning on renovating your dull and outdated bathroom?
Then you have come to the right place!

Dr. Tubs Reglazing provides bathroom-remodelling services such as bathtub, sink and tile resurfacing in the Brampton area. Whether your tub is made of acrylic, fiberglass, cast iron, metal or porcelain, Dr. Tubs Reglazing can make it look brand new.

There is no need to replace your whole bathroom, as our professional refinishers can resurface your tub, sink and tiles in less than a day for a much lower cost compared to a tub, sink and wall-surround replacement.

Dr. Tubs Reglazing technicians use only the highest quality chemicals that are free of lead, melamine and cancer-causing isocyanates. There is no need to worry about any harmful side effects from our paints either.

Why call a general contractor, plumber and tile setter, when our team of Brampton bathroom resurfacing professionals can bring your bathroom back to life for a fraction of the cost of replacing.

Prevent slips and falls!

Dr. Tubs Reglazing values your safety, as well as brightening up your bathroom. Not only can the professionals at Dr. Tubs resurface your bathroom, making it look brand new, we can also prevent slips and falls.

Dr. Tubs Reglazing of Brampton has been resurfacing bathtubs with a special no-slip bathtub finish for years. Our special coating will leave your bath looking smooth and shiny while the floor has a non-gritty feel, that is easy to clean and will prevent any slips and falls. You owe it to yourself to ask us about this option.

Get started today!Bring your bathtub back to life!

Why Reglaze?

Replacing a tub is expensive and the process of replacing a bathtub can take days or longer to complete. There is the added expense of hiring a contractor, a plumber and tile-setter. Not to mention, the mess they will leave behind. This is why the experts at Dr. Tubs Reglazing of Brampton are here!

Don't Replace. Reglaze!

When your tub, tiles or sink are not broken, but look dull, worn-out and out-dated, it does not make sense to replace them. They need to be resurfaced, brightened up and made to look brand new at a fraction of cost and time, with less hassle and mess than with replacing. You owe it to yourself to call the highly trained and insured bathroom refinishing professionals at Dr. Tubs Reglazing and let us bring your bathroom back to life.

Bathtub Resurfacing Brampton

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